Bookings for Carers & Companion Cards

Please ensure this is your work email
Please enter the organisation you work for if applicable.
These tickets will be free of charge. Maximum 1 for 1 with paying tickets.
Please include the booking reference if you've already booked or the name in which the booking was placed.

Do carers need to purchase a ticket?

No, we allow all registered carers or carers from a registered organisation on for free with a paying passenger on our day cruises.

Do you accept the companion card?

We accept the companion cards for adults or where the carer is working as a carer. Children require supervision on all of our cruises regardless, therefore we do not offer a free ticket to accompany a child on the cruise unless you are from a registered organisation.

Do free tickets include food?

No, all carers joining a lunch cruise will need to purchase the food separately.

Christmas Lights Cruises

We do not accept companion cards or offer free carer tickets for our Christmas Lights cruises.