Carer Booking Form

Please create your booking first for the paying passengers then submit this form with the booking reference number so we can add the free tickets.

If you're unsure, please contact us first.

Please ensure this is your work email
Please enter the organisation you work for if applicable.
These tickets will be free of charge. Maximum 1 for 1 with paying tickets.
Once you've completed the booking for all the paid tickets you can enter the booking reference here
Please include the booking reference if you've already booked or the name in which the booking was placed.

Do you accept the Companion Card?

No we do not accept the companion card.

If you are an adult with a disability wanting to attend who would normally be able to cruise alone but require a carer for assistance, then the carer will be entitled to a free ticket.

We do not offer free tickets for children joining our cruise as all children require supervision regardless.

Do free tickets include food?

No, all carers joining a lunch cruise will need to purchase the food separately.

Christmas Lights Cruises

We do not offer free carer tickets for our Christmas Lights cruises.