Grazing Boards 

Grazing Board $25 per person

We offer a selection of Australian and international cheeses, a large selection of charcuterie (cured meats and salamis), fresh fruits, pickles, olives, lavosh, fresh breads, house made jams and relishes.

Minimum order 20 guests.

grazing board

BBQ Aboard The Pirate Ship 

You will have your very own personal chef cooking aboard, minimum 20 guests.

Meat Eater BBQ $40 per person

Assorted salads, breads and sauces, gourmet sausages, beef skewers, meatballs and chicken.


Please note that the catering aboard requires a minimum 2hr boat hire and 3 hrs for the bbq aboard.

Alternatively for a 1 hour boat hire guests are welcome to bring snacks and finger foods.

bbq onboat