Mataya Catering

Breakfast Pack 1 min 8, 3 pieces per guest, $15 per person

Selection of mini savoury croissants, banana bread / pumpkin bread, with churned butter, individual bircher muesli cups, fresh seasonal fruit

Breakfast Pack 2 min 8, 3 pieces per guest, $15 per person

Mini bacon, egg & relish sliders, fresh scones with jam & cream, coconut chia pudding cups, yogurt & fresh fruit cups

Lunch Pack 1 min 8, 4 pieces per guest, $20 per person

Gourmet sausage rolls Mini bagels– Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, capers Basil pesto chicken, bacon, cheddar, tomato Selection arancini balls plus 1 x large salad bowl

Lunch Pack 2 min 8, 3 pieces per person, $18 per person

Selection of continental baguettes Fruit platter including a cheese option & local honeycomb

Trio of Cheeses suit 8 guests, $110

Selection of 3 of our finest cheeses with: Wild olives, salted and toasted garlic flat bread & a selection of savory & sweet crackers

Mini Bagels 16 pieces, $85

(4) Smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, capers

(4) Avocado cream cheese, cherry tomato, feta

(8) Pulled spiced lamb, crunchy slaw, tzatziki dressing

Large Quiche 8 pieces, $55

Bacon, cheese /or sweet potato, leak, feta

Croissants 16 pieces, $65

(4) Ham, cheese, house relish

(4) Cheese, house relish, spinach

(4) Avocado, feta, rocket

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Grazing Boards 

Standard Board $15 per person

We offer a selection of Australian and international cheeses, a large selection of charcuterie (cured meats and salamis), fresh fruits, pickles, olives, lavosh, fresh breads, house made jams and relishes.

Ultimate Board $20 per person

Includes all of the above plus pates, top of the range French cheeses and some seafood.

Seafood Board $25 per person

Includes all of the above plus whole prawns, smoke salmon and oysters, cured fish, mussels, crabs with fresh breads and sauces.

Ultimate Seafood Grazer $35 per person

Includes all of the above plus crayfish and scallops.

BBQ Aboard The Pirate Ship 

You will have your very own personal chef cooking aboard

Meat Eater BBQ $20 per person

Assorted salads, breads and sauces, gourmet sausages, beef skewers, lamb cutlets and chicken.

Seafood BBQ $32 per person

Includes all of the above plus prawns, crab cakes and fresh fish.

Please note that the BBQ aboard requires a minimum 3hr boat hire.

Beef steak on a weber

Ashore Catering by Stella's Catering 

If you have booked a private function or birthday party and are after a little more. Here is another option which could be a cocktail style party or picnic. You would need to provide your own seating or blankets and there is a minimum of 20 people.

Children's Birthday parties $10 per head

Can be served either in an individual food box or platters. (We have some great Pirate themed happy meal boxes)

  • 1 Savoury item choosing from cheesymite scrolls (2 scrolls),mini hotdogs or pizza pinwheels
  • Serve of vegetable sticks and dip or seasonal fruit
  • Sweet options either edible fairy bread wand or chocolate crackle
  • Pop top water or fruit box option for drink


Corporate party or celebration $20 per head

  • Choice of 4 savoury dishes 
  • Platter, Bain Marie service.
  • Satay Chicken/beef skewers - 2 per person
  • Brioche pulled pork sliders with asian slaw - 1 per person
  • Sushi on a custom made wave platter  - 2 pieces per person
  • Rosemary and garlic roasted rustic potatoes, served in individual boxes, condiments to taste.
  • Individual chicken caesar salad
  • Individual chicken asian noodle salad
  • Buffalo chicken wings - 3 per person
  • Mixed mini canapés - 4 per person
  • Mini french donuts, chocolate and caramel - 1 per person
  • Assorted macarons -1 per person
  • Mini muffins raspberry, apple cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut or salted caramel - 1 per person
  • Or fruit and cheese platter - grazing style
grazing board